X-ray Imaging Systems and Equipment

X-ray is the most relied-upon imaging modality, accounting for approximately 60% of imaging procedures in hospitals. That is why it is important that x-ray equipments in our hospitals use the latest technologies and give the best examination. Soft & Solution provide a wide range of X-ray imaging equipment, digital devices of the most advanced technologies with versatile usage and high examination accuracy like:

– X˗ray examination room, with tube stand and floating table and wall˗bucky stand.

– High throughput radiographic system with wide range of options for any general radiographic and emergency applications.

– The professionally designed controls ensure versatile operation and accurate diagnosis.

For more detailed information on devices we provide, please follow the above links. If you are interested on these equipment or others not introduced here, please contact us. We will reply immediately. We provide our offer and you choose what suits you best according to your needs.