Web Portals

As a website development company, Soft & Solution has sufficient capacities and experience to create, launch and support, plain or complicated websites.

The website of the company should:

 Provide continuous information for the customers and partners.

 Represent a platform used for selling products and services.

 Represent a great space for advertising and promotion.

Web Development by Soft & Solution

Website Design

Website design includes conceptualization, planning and content execution. We handle with webpage functionality (interface and navigation), display (graphics and style), and appearance (search engine optimization and advertising).

 PHP programming

PHP is a widely used programming language and especially relevant for dynamic and interactive web pages. The major part of its syntax is borrowed by C, Java and Perl programming languages. Our PHP developers are able to create web pages dynamically generated, quickly and efficiently.

 Social Networks

Web developer’s services vary from customer applications to complicated enterprises, including online built-in social networks development and open source platforms of social networks according to the customer requirements.