Security systems

Our company is one of the most prestigious companies on Albania regarding security systems. Here you will find solutions for all your needs no matter how specific they are. In a short period of time, we managed to be the main portal for all interested in security systems.


Our security systems include GSM alarm systems (SIM card) which can be activated and deactivated by using your phone or remote control. We also offer the last word of technology on car security systems; in case that your car has been stolen, it takes only one text message and you can turn it off. In addition to that, our range of security micro cameras and cameras is wide enough to guarantee your house, family and business protection. Are you fed up with keeping your house keys always with you? You can just buy a digital lock, so you can open your house or business doors by putting your finger pulp, without having to use keys, cards etc. As simple as that! Anti-spying systems, bugging signals detector, camera lens detector, phone or GPS signal buzzer etc. We have made these products available for you in order to provide the best service quality, so you can easily access any one of them.