Software GIS

A Geographic Information System (GIS Software) is designed to store, retrieve, manage, display, and analyze all types of geographic and spatial data. GIS software lets you produce maps and other graphic displays of geographic information for analysis and presentation. For years, Soft & Solution has invested on Meta-GIS platform which automates programs development according to customized requirements of GIS users. The platform is independent from licensing by third parties and is open standard based. Based on Meta-GIS, Soft & Solution has achieved processing of a wide range of cartographic basic materials throughout the territory of Albania.

As a result of this long investment and of experience and knowledge on Albanian administration and institutions, Soft & Solution is able to create programs, for a very short considerable time and reasonable prices, for all the areas where GIS can be applied.

GIS Systems Architecture Conception:

• Soft & Solution programs are all of Web-GIS type with complete editing options from internet. This solution makes the maintenance processes of geographical data much cheaper and faster than any other GIS architecture conception.

• Soft & Solution programs are provided for the customers along with a wide range of processed basic maps. By making programs easy to handle by common users who find not necessary to be GIS specialist, it enables the data to be inserted directly from the information source and provides a considerable decrease of process costs and increased data reliability.

• Soft & Solution programs provide a complete solution of user’s categorization on modification and use of information rights. This enables the inclusion of all administration employees and structures on population process and information maintenance despite of their location (Internet access would be sufficient). Also, this enables fast database population, efficient use of information and at the same time, continuous monitoring on employees or structures activity of the administration or company.

Our products:

1. Local General Planning
2. Administrative map of Albania
3. Electoral map of Albania
4. Touristic map of Albania
5. Map of property values
6. Monitoring of property registration
7. Registration of immovable property
8. Water supply and sewerage system
9. Territory information system
10. APPI
11. Digital maps
12. Customized software