Soft Skills

On January 17, 2020 Soft & Solution organized a workshop on “Soft Skills in Software”.

The workshop was organized at the Plaza Hotel Tirana and this was the first meeting of the company for 2020 with students and experts in the field of software.

It is already known that these events create the opportunity not only for professional but also social development.

As a market leader software company, we agree that writing code professionally is very important but at the same time strongly defend the idea that “soft skills” have the same level of importance as “hard skills” for any programmer. Collaboration, understanding, positivity, willingness to learn new things are all essential skills that are required to be used in whatever industry you work in.

This workshop focused on explaining social skills, communication as well as personality or character qualities that help people work and socialize with others.

The two topics covered in this workshop were:

“Soft Skills in Software” which was moderated by the board member of the company “Ilva Thomaj.

“Dress for Success” which was moderated by Fjorjada Plaku.

They not only addressed the context of these topics but also were concentrated on their specific details.


Communication is a skill that can be created, but you have to follow the right techniques.

The development of this workshop was done interactively with the participants where games with themes of the workshop were also developed.