“Soft Skills” are considered a combination of social, human, communication skills as well as personality or character qualities that help people work and socialize with others. The company Soft & Solution develops the workshop “Soft Skills in Software” where the important skills in the work culture and their acquisition will be treated. As a market leader software company, we agree that writing code professionally is very important but at the same time strongly advocating the idea that “soft skills” have the same level of importance as “hard skills” for any programmer.

Collaboration, understanding, positivity, willingness to learn new things are all essential skills that are required to be used in whatever industry you work in. Some of the main points that will be addressed in the workshop are: -What are soft skills? -What are the skills to be learned and applied in the workplace? What does it mean: Technical skills in software? We all know that the employment experience in each company has its ups and downs from a personal and technical point of view but mastering Soft Skills improves our performance and facilitates the performance of employment activity at every stage.

The difference between a good programmer and a very good programmer is not the ability to execute a code or module in a programming language, but the ability to communicate with your colleagues and clients. Skills sharing, collaboration and functional communication are critical to the success of any project you undertake. A great programmer also needs to be a great teammate. The two things go hand-in-hand

Wishing you a happy new year, we would like to inform you that the applications to participate in the workshop “Soft Skills in Software” are open.

Applications are Closed!