e-Permits is a web application used from people wanting to apply for building permits of all categories. It is used all over Albania and is the only legal way to apply for a permit. It enables citizens to apply from any place by eliminating 100% paperwork related with processing permissions.


The HuRes (Human Resources System) system is designed to help employees and managers maximize their work potential. It can be implemented by businesses of all sizes to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.


AME (Accounting Made Easy) helps your company’s financiers and accountants by enabling automation of all financial transactions. Using this system, they can easily predicts expenses and improve investment strategies.


M-DC (Management of Debt Collection) is a system designed to assist debt collection companies in the process of searching and co-operating with debtors until full repayment of obligations.


SMT-SS (Tendering Management System) is designed to manage any procedure from the time a tender is announced by the Contracting Authority until its acquisition by the appropriate Economic Operator.