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Soft & Solution contributes to the Transformation of Korça: A New Ecosystem for Young People and Businesses

Youth initiatives in Korça

Today, a new light is shining in Korça, a light that brings hope and opportunity to the youth and to the community as a whole. At a time when many of us can remember a past sensitive to shortcomings and challenges, our city is experiencing a real renaissance, a New Ecosystem for Young People and Businesses.


The transformation of the City of Korça

Today, we heard about the initiatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of State for Youth and Children, as well as the Municipality of Korça to provide excellent opportunities for young people. At the head of this effort are personalities such as Minister Niko Peleshi, Ministry Bora Muzhaqi and Mayor Sotiraq Filo, who are leading a major transformation in the city of Korca.


Creating a New Ecosystem for Youth

What exactly is going on? A new ecosystem is emerging that directly connects businesses with young people. Instead of a closed path to future opportunity, they are opening the doors of innovation and economic development to new generations. Diverse programs and initiatives are under development – encompassing trainings, courses, and various activities that encourage creativity and entrepreneurship.

Soft & Solution: Investing in Local Talent

By using this initiative as a tool to identify and recruit local talent, Soft & Solution is showing a real commitment to invest in our youth and create opportunities for development and advancement. By employing talented young people in Korça, we are giving young people a chance to pursue their careers in the field of technology, helping them develop their skills and become part of a growing and innovative industry.

For us, this is a big moment. It is a clear sign that our country is moving towards a brighter and richer future. As the drive toward modernization continues, we proudly remember the path we’ve taken so far and are excited about what’s to come.

For our young people, this is an opportunity to follow their dreams and realize their full potential. For businesses, this is an opportunity to grow and contribute to community development. And for all of us, this is a powerful example that with commitment and vision, we can make big changes and build a better future for everyone.

This is our story, a story of innovation and hope, where we are committed to writing new chapters of success and common progress.