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Software Development

We help our clients turn their ideas into innovative solutions, from start-up ideas of companies during their first steps to corporate management systems.

Soft & Solution Group is a company with several years of experience in designing and developing software for various companies, on the web, ERP, CRM, HRM, and more. We offer a universal approach to installation, support and updates providing the most efficient software solutions for any business. The products created by Soft & Solution Group will help you optimize the work process, solve organizational issues and fulfill the various needs of your company.


Our Development Process

Preliminary analysis

In the initial phase of the project, an analysis of its objectives and goals, time span and client requirements is performed in order to prepare a complete documentation and a project plan. First things first, we offer consultation regarding the technology that best suits the system and build a well-organised architecture.

System development

With several years of experience in system development and software engineering, Soft & Solution Group develops, adapts and delivers the most efficient solutions based on the specific needs of a business. Our services also include testing the application, adapting it to an existing environment, and implementing afterwards.


Implementation and Support

To guarantee a stable work and quality, after the implementation of a project we provide maintenance and support services, which include 3 levels: application upgrades and improvements, performance monitoring and security audit, as well as migration of the server or operating system.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are an essential component of running a successful business nowdays. They support employees to interact in real time and be productive on an ongoing basis; they can also be widely and efficiently used by customers.

Here at Soft & Solution, we develop applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows, which are characterized by unique and professional designs and unparalleled performance.

Our programming team:

We are the right solution if:

Web Applications

Our project team understands your business needs in order to help you minimize market and technology risks throughout your product development cycle.

Soft & Solution Group provides you:

Validating the concept

Choosing the right technology

Maximizing resources

Avoid unplanned costs

Innovation and Growth

Discovering new business models

Frontend Developments

We adapt your requirements and build a product with maximum interface quality by adapting it to the needs and requirements of users.

We offer:

Backend Developments

The architects of our company, along with professional engineers, will build the design and foundations of your system with maximum availability and quality.

Our team provides you:

Web page design and development

The process of web page development in Soft & Solution Group goes through the following steps:


Needs perception and strategy development

Our experts conduct research and analysis and prepare the right strategic recommendations for you, which will help you achieve your business goals. Our recommendations are tactical and effective, including meetings with your company managers and analysis of the industry in which you operate.

Information architecture

The information architects in Soft & Solution Group build the features, functionalities and structure of your website. Every website needs well-built basis, this is the reason our team provides you with an effective service for your online business.


Creative site design and coding

Our specialists create designs for mobile, tablet and desktop. They focus on the most attractive and functional features of your site, throughout the process of its development. The dedicated team of web developers creates a unique solution to the requirements and needs of your business by helping you meet your goals.

Quality Assurance

Before a website is implemented, we test it through an intensive quality assurance process. The site goes through 100 checkpoints; which include security, speed, website functionality and more; we make sure your site is fully ready to be implemented.


Implementation and Optimization

After the implementation of the site, our development team searches for ways to improve its performance and integrate new functionalities, which will help grow your online business.

Security and Maintenance Package

The Security and Maintenance Package includes:

Marketing and Referral Package

The Marketing and Referral Package includes:

Software Testing

Every project related to software development includes both its integral part and testing. Before implementing your system, it goes through a thorough testing process to ensure that the system works as expected and provides consistent quality.

Quality Assurance

Soft & Solution Group offers independent Quality Assurance services for each “third-party” software in order to provide you with a better quality control of your application, to help you assess the compatibility of the product with the initial requirements and to give you an overview of user behaviors towards the system. We provide you with a documented project analysis as well as recommendations regarding further product improvement.

Stages of QA process:

1. Investigations

  • Meeting with stakeholders to identify goals
  • Analysis of current practices
  • Identification of problems and risks

2. Planning

  • Creating a plan and discussing solutions
  • Building of a detailed path towards the solution
  • Reaching a joint agreement on risk and change management

3. Implementation

  • Implementation of new solutions
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Monitoring and optimization of the process
  • Taking measures to prevent further problems