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Shërbime Suksesi i Projekteve HuReS


The HuRes system (Human Resources System) is designed to help employees and managers give their maximum potential at work. It can be implemented by businesses of all sizes to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Suksesi i Projekteve AME


AME (Accounting Made Easy) comes to the aid of the financiers and accountants of the company by making possible the automation of all financial actions. Using this system, they can easily predict expenses and improve investment strategies.

Suksesi i Projekteve


M-DC (Management of Debt Collection) is a system created specifically to help debt collection companies in the process of searching and cooperating with debtors, until the full repayment of the obligations.

Suksesi i Projekteve SMT-SS


SMT-SS (Tender Management System) is designed to manage every procedure from the announcement of a tender by the Contracting Authority to its winning by the most suitable Economic Operator.

Suksesi i Projekteve AGS


AGS (Address Geo System) is a system that manages all alphanumeric and cartographic information on addresses in the territory of Albania.

Suksesi i Projekteve M-Assets


M-Assets (Management of Assets) is a system dedicated to registering and tracking throughout the life cycle of a company’s assets, from the moment of purchase, until its disposal. The system includes information on the location of the asset, its card, the person in charge of the asset, maintenance, etc.

Shërbime Suksesi i Projekteve sproject


SProjects is a system that manages project planning and scheduling, human resource allocation for a project and tracking and managing the project until its closure.

Suksesi i Projekteve matrix

Matrix 4S

Matrix 4S is a multifunctional system that combines all public and private services related to property management on a single platform.

Suksesi i Projekteve Log Me

Log Me

The Login Kit is a set of functionalities that enables you to log in to a system using several security levels. Among these levels are included: google authenticator, email verification, phone number verification, security questions etc. This package can be easily integrated to any system.

Suksesi i Projekteve Unis


UniS provides a complete solution for university management, that will automate and simplify all the necessary university requirements. Our system helps increasing staff and student’s performance by enabling functionalities that allow planning, execution, strategic and tactical analysis and administration of all procedures. The integration of this system is a great revolutionary step for students to get their real-time assessments in every country.

Suksesi i Projekteve DFinder


DFinder is a web-based system that enables publishing and searching of various documents in disposal of general public. It is based on the latest technologies offering speed and efficiency during the searching process.

Suksesi i Projekteve

Shë is an online platform which aims to provide the best service in the shortest time possible. It offers services for categories such as: home, business, children, health, events, and has a wide range of the highest quality products in the field of IT. It also aims to build the largest team of online professionals, in order to be close to customers for every need they might have and to offer accuracy and reliability.

Suksesi i Projekteve SecSeal


SecSeal is a technology that enables electronic stamping of documents by providing digital verification and validity at any time. It eliminates the use of papers, traditional stamping and document transportation from one office to another.

Suksesi i Projekteve E-Archive


e-Archive enables the digitalization of documents and the creation of an online electronic archive accessible anywhere and everywhere. It eliminates the disadvantage of the amortization of hard copy documents and the need for special storage spaces.

Suksesi i Projekteve iVote


Transparency, security, accuracy! These are the three qualities that the electronic voting system iVote is based. This system follows a process that is auditable and secure. Of course it also helps in reducing human error! Through this system you can get results within a minute by avoiding the slow and easily manipulated counting process.

Suksesi i Projekteve Helpdesk


Your staff has a problem to solve. Your customers expect efficiency and your business depends on it. Helpdesk is a web-based system that provides customer service and helps companies build stronger relationships with them. Using this system the staff becomes more productive and the customers feel more secure. It’s simple to use and adapts to the different needs of companies.

Suksesi i Projekteve Cpower


Cpower is a software that manages and analyzes the members and clients data for companies that use multilevel marketing. Through this system companies will be able to obtain real-time information by helping them in the process of growth and promotion of their business.

Suksesi i Projekteve EasyPM


EasyPM is a software that provides digitalization of the process of approving projects for different companies and institutions. It operates based on a fully structured hierarchy and decision making process, providing transparency, reliability, and security in each of the following steps.

Suksesi i Projekteve Live Track

Live Track

Live Track is a software that enables real-time tracking of objects or people using GPS devices and latest monitoring technologies. This software provides some additional functionalities that helps tracking in more efficient ways such as: configuring allowed and prohibited zones, real-time status reporting, and moving subjects through the system, emailing, messaging, and mobile application.

Suksesi i Projekteve AV


AV is a system that provides a full set of monitoring and management tools, built to help system administrators and network engineers. It provides 24/7 monitoring and performance alert for the capacity of datacenter, cloud, remote office, etc.