Dedicated software

We help our clients transform their ideas into innovative solutions. Whether it is a “start-up” idea, an application associated with a specific domain or a corporate management system, Soft & Solution builds dedicated software from scratch, which fit into existing business environments.

Soft & Solution is experienced in designing and developing web software, ERP, CRM, HRM etc. on various fields and industries. We offer you a universal approach to installation, support, and updates by providing the best software solutions for an enterprise. Products created by Soft & Solution will help you optimize your work, solve organizational problems and meet the needs of any type of company.

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Soft & Solution uses a set of tools, programming languages, frameworks and libraries to build projects of any size and complexity.

Preliminary analysis

In the initial phase of the project we undertake an analysis of project goals, time span and customer requirements, to prepare a complete documentation and a project plan. Furthermore, we offer consultations about the technology that best fits the system and we also build a well-planned architecture.


System development

With several years of experience in software development and software engineering, Soft & Solution develops, adapts and migrates software solutions based on specific needs of a business. Our services also include application testing, adaption to an existing environment and implementation.


Implementation and Support

To guarantee a quality that lasts, after the implementation of a project, we also provide maintenance and support services. This includes 3 levels of support: upgrading and improvements of the application, performance monitoring and security auditing and scanning of the server or operating system.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are essential components for any business today. From employees to customers, mobile apps enable people to stay united and productive on a continuous basis.

In Soft & Solution, we develop apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. Our applications are characterized by professional designs created with maximum reliability and incomparable performance.

Our programming team:

  • Builds an optimized user experience, both software and hardware side.

  • Creates integration points that link your data to your applications.

  • Keeps your apps up to date, adding functionalities and implementing the necessary enhancements.

We are the right choice if:

  • You want to know how to help your employees in the best way and what mobile operating systems you need to use for your applications.

  • You are not sure how to manage data, security and employee access through apps like iTunes, Play Store, or App Store.

  • You need a better orientation on how mobile applications will fit and integrate with your existing technologies in the long run.

Web Applications

Our project team learns your business needs to help you minimize the market and technology risks throughout your product development cycle.

Soft & Solution provides you:

Validating the concept

Avoid unplanned costs

Choosing the right technology

Innovation and Growth

Maximizing resources

Discovering new business models

Frontend Developments

We adopt your requirements and build a product with maximum quality of the interface to create instant user satisfaction with the product.

We offer:

  • An interface adapted to your needs

  • A consistent interface across the entire application

  • Impressive animations and effects that do not affect performance

Backend Developments

Our company’s architects together with professional engineers will build the design and foundation of your system with maximum availability and quality.

Our team provides you:

  • A solid architecture that allows further system growth

  • Flexibility to integrate with other systems and third-party services

  • Advanced Data Structure


  • Security features to protect your users, data and processes.

Web Site

Our Website development experts use the latest technology and best practices to create dedicated websites that attract attention and meet the needs of users. From the beginning, we take into consideration your content strategy, information architecture, user views and schedule site marketing to your audience. Each project is unique. We want to understand your needs and requirements, set a proper timeline and create a project that best fits your business.

Design and Development of Web Pages

The process of development of web pages in Soft & Solution goes through the following steps:

  • Detecting Needs and Developing a Strategy
    Our experts will conduct researches and analyses and will prepare the appropriate strategy recommendations for you, which will help you achieve your business goals. Our recommendations are tactical and effective, starting from meetings with your company’s managers to the analysis of the industry where you operate.

  • Information architecture
    Soft & Solution information architects will build features, functionalities, structure and user experience for your website. Every website needs well-built bases, that’s why our team provides the right way for your online business.

  • Creative design and site coding
    Our design specialists will create dedicated designs for mobile phones, tablets and desktops. We focus on making your site look beautiful and functional throughout the site development process. The dedicated web site developer team will build a unique solution for your business needs, helping you achieve your goals.

  • Quality Assurance
    Before implementing the website, we test it through an intensive quality assurance process. By passing the site to around 100 checkpoints which includes security, website speed, functionality, etc., we make sure your site is ready for implementation, as per your requirements.

  • Implementation and Optimization
    After implementing your site, our developer team continues to find ways to improve website performance and integrate new functionalities that will help growing your online business.


Security and Maintenance Package

The Security and Maintenance Package includes:

  • Continuous updates of security plugins

  • Daily automatic site backup

  • SSL certificates implemented on your site

  • Continuous support of compatibility and troubleshooting issues, plugins or other site problems

  • Continuous protection of the site from viruses, malwares or cyber attacks

Marketing and Referencing Package

The Marketing and Reference Package includes:

  • Development of a marketing strategy
    Our team will hold meetings with you to identify your business goals and brand objectives and analyze any materials that you will make available to help us shape your marketing strategy.

    We will accomplish the marketing research and the necessary industry audit where you operate to identify cultural trends, determine your target market and highlight the values that make your company stand out in the market. We will develop your marketing strategy based on our research and your requirements.

  • Search engine optimization and benchmarking on the most popular online sites
    Our SEO services will help you to bring traffic to your web pages by improving their indexation on the most used search engines.

    Initially SEO audit, competition analysis and search of key words will be conducted. This will help us create a solid project plan with clear vision for the implementation, effectiveness and success of the services we provide.

    Onsite optimization, customized according to user’s experience, including technical optimization helps maximize SEO and improve rankings in search engines.

    We provide you with detailed analysis and reports about the traffic that comes to your pages, which pages are visited more often, what is the most requested content etc. for any time period needed.

  • Marketing in social media
    Our marketing team learns about the social presence of your business and website, as well as your competitors, to provide clear documentation and marketing plan.

    We use the latest tools to identify audience sizes, adapt to the content strategy and best marketing practices in social networks and distribute your content to the right networks.

Software Testing

Any software-related project incorporates testing as an integral part of it. Before implementing your system, it passes to a whole testing process to ensure that the system works in the expected way and provides consistent quality.
Functionality testing
Security testing
Compatibility testing
Performance testing
Usability testing

Quality Assurance

Soft & Solution provides independent Quality Assurance services for any “third-party” software in order to provide you with a better control of your application’s quality, to help you evaluate product compatibility with initial and on-demand requirements and to give you a view of user behaviors toward your system. We give you a documented project analysis as well as recommendations for further product improvement.

Stages of the QA process:

1. Investigation

– Meeting with the stakeholders to identify the goals
– Analysis of current practices
– Identification of problems and risks

2. Planning

– Creating a plan and discussing solutions
– Building a detailed path towards the solution
– Agree on risk management and change

3. Implementation

– Implementing new solutions
– Knowledge tranfering
– Monitoring and optimizing the process
– Taking measures to prevent further problems