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Soft & Solution Staff Retreat; 6 boats and lots of positive energy

Soft&Solution Staff Retreat in Montenegro: Building Stronger Bonds

In an effort to escape from the daily routine and create stronger bonds to improve cooperation among our team members, Soft&Solution organized a Staff Retreat in Montenegro. This extraordinary trip provided a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and gather new energies.


Exploring Montenegro’s Coastline

With a group of 6 boats, we explored the beautiful coast of Montenegro on an immense adventure.
In the beginning, we faced a real challenge to get all the boats sailing in the same direction and coordinated. But with dedication and close cooperation, we managed to coordinate our movements and ensure that we were all sailing in the same direction. This extraordinary challenge was an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and experience new emotions together.


Reflecting and Developing a Shared Vision

In addition, this trip provided us with the opportunity to reflect and develop a shared vision for our future as a team. Deep discussions and moments of reflection allowed us to identify our common objectives and goals.  This encouraged us to work towards a common goal with more dedication and determination.

Ultimately, this Staff Retreat in Montenegro was a real experience of personal and professional improvement for our team. Beyond the adventures and thrills experienced, we returned with a heightened sense of solidarity and commitment to one another, ready to face future challenges and opportunities with more determination and cooperation.