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Horizon Sh.p.k becomes part of the Soft & Solution Group of Companies: A new step towards infrastructure innovation

At a time when infrastructure development is becoming increasingly critical to economic and social progress, Soft & Solution and R & D Solution are pleased to officially announce the inclusion of Horizon Sh.p.k. in their group of companies. This move signals not only the expansion of the group’s capacities but also a deep commitment to building a more sustainable and innovative future.

The collaboration between Soft & Solution, R & D Solution and Horizon is not new. The joint history of these companies dates back to their early beginnings, when Bill Stahos, founder of Horizon, and the leaders of Soft & Solution and R & D Solution decided to share a vision for the future. These early connections have deepened over time, leading to joint projects and a mutual influence that has strengthened all parties.

With the entry of Horizon into the group, Soft & Solution and R & D Solution expand their network in the infrastructure sector, a vital step to face the modern challenges of construction and urban planning. Horizon brings to the group a deep expertise in the design and implementation of large infrastructure projects, from roads and bridges to high-rise buildings and industrial complexes. This expertise is combined with the technological innovation and software development capacities of Soft & Solution and R & D Solution to create smarter and more efficient solutions.

This joining of forces marks the beginning of a new chapter for the three companies, with the aim of expanding their influence not only in local but also international markets. Through joint innovations and major projects aimed at addressing urgent global needs, the group is determined to play a leading role in shaping the future infrastructure landscape.

The merger of Horizon with the network of Soft & Solution and R & D Solution is more than a strategic expansion; is a testament to the shared commitment to improving people’s lives through technology and innovation. As we move forward, we are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring and are committed to continuing to work together to achieve even greater goals.