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Innovative initiative of Soft &Solution; Get Paid to Get Trained!

New Initiative: “Paid Training” in Soft & Solution

During the next meeting with the Soft & Solution team and the young people who have applied to join our company, it was discussed about the newest initiative that Soft & Solution has undertaken, which consists of “Paid Training”. Get Paid to Get Trained! This is a new initiative and different from many daily training programs.

In this program, young people who are applying to join our team will be trained for their target positions in the field of information technology. The special feature of this program is that the minimum salary for all trainers is 100,000 lek, an amount that Soft & Solution currently offers to its initial workers.

This program aims to provide an accessible way for talented young people to gain work experience in the field of information technology, while they receive a guaranteed payment for their time invested in training. In this way, they can develop their knowledge and skills, preparing for their career in this sector.

During the discussion, it was emphasized that this paid training initiative represents a real commitment of Soft & Solution to invest in youth development and help grow local talent in the field of information technology. In the end, this initiative was welcomed and encouraged by the team present, showing a strong commitment to the advancement of young people and our field.


Message from the Founder, Mr. Ermal Beqiri

Mr. Ermal Beqiri, the founder of the company said:

“At Soft & Solution, the motto Get Paid to Get Trained is not just a slogan, but a real reality. This principle is the foundation of building our excellence and building a cooperative spirit. Soft & Solution is not just a company; it represents a way of doing and thinking that has been carefully cultivated by our amazing team over many years.

I feel lucky and humbled when I stand in front of 85 young professionals who have passed one of the stages of the selection process and are now looking for their first work experience. Surely they still don’t know that in a few months they will be an inspiration not only for Soft & Solution, but also for many other companies.

I want to make a call to similar companies, and not only: when you think about investments, invest in ideas, in people, in spirit. The company is not just a logo, a slogan or a name. She is breath; spirit of hope, spirit of ideas.

With great humility, I want to thank all those who made this event shine, those who freed us from every limit. They have broken every barrier of reality and complaints about lack of people, schools and professionals.

Thank you to those who contributed to our development and helped us expand to 4 states. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to my team.

To me, they are the silent heroes and the locomotive that pulls the wagons of success!”