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Productive Discussions with Soft & Solution; Building our shared vision

Productive Discussions with Soft & Solution; Building our shared vision

During our next meeting we engaged in productive discussions about training, team building and emerging technologies with our staff. Each team selected the training programs they will participate in abroad, marking a step forward in our journey to embrace a dynamic digital culture that grows stronger every day. Additionally, we decided to enhance our team by hiring 10 Artificial Intelligence experts and 10 security experts.

These conversations about training, team building and new technologies are essential to the growth and expansion of a growing digital company like Soft & Solution. The decision to conduct training abroad clearly demonstrates our commitment to invest in the professional development of our staff and stay ahead of innovations in our field.

By welcoming 20 new experts, we are significantly strengthening our capabilities in two of the most advanced and important areas today: the development of Artificial Intelligence and cyber security. This investment in human resources will not only increase the company’s capacity to undertake larger and more complex projects, but will also help build an innovative culture ready for new challenges.

Choosing the right training abroad programs is essential. These programs must align with our strategic objectives and provide tangible benefits in increasing skills and knowledge. Potential areas of focus include advanced AI, software development, project management, cybersecurity, and modern work methodologies such as Agile and Scrum.

At the same time, building a strong team is an important part of our strategy for long-term success. Through team building activities, we promote collaboration, communication and interpersonal connection among our team members. This helps create a productive and motivated work environment where each team member feels valued and supported in their efforts to succeed.