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“R&D Solution, Pioneer of Innovation which is building the bridge between academic education, development and active activity of civil society in Albania.

R&D Solution, Pioneer of Innovation

March 7, 2024, marks the beginning of a new journey towards innovation, progress in the field of technology and science, and this date is not without purpose. By excellently connecting innovation, academia and civil society, R&D Solution Pioneer of Innovation, aims to create an environment conducive to the development of new technologies and creative solutions to society’s challenges.


The mission of RD Solution

With a dedicated commitment to research and development (R&D), the new company aims to establish strong and lasting links with academic institutions and civil society. This mutual cooperation aims to create a wide network of shared expertise and knowledge, paving the way for new and advanced innovations.


Commitment to Research and Development (R&D)

Through in-depth analysis, interviews with leaders in the field of innovation and academia, as well as case studies of success, this initiative aims to illustrate the power of collaboration and interconnection of different sectors in the advancement of technology and society in general.

At the event that celebrated the opening of our company, outstanding and inspiring personalities in the field of innovation and technology honored us with their presence. Their presence symbolizes great support and a spirit of solidarity for our mission of change and progress in society. Such as Prof. Dr. Spiro Drushku, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, have been important sources of encouragement and guidance on our way to success. A special thanks goes to the Director of the Agency for Innovation and Excellence, Mrs. Ledi Imeraj, who with her rich experience in Silicon Valley and her commitment to Albanian youth, makes us feel privileged for her presence at our event.

Thanks for the support

We cannot leave without mentioning, the presence of personalities such as Kushtrim Shala, who has inspired young scientists and contributed to their development for more than 13 years, and Driton Musolli, a successful businessman in the field of IT- of. Their presence fills us with joy, knowing that our initiative has captured the attention of such distinguished individuals.Their representation is an important testimony to the potential and importance of our mission to society and industry. Supported by top academic, innovative and business personalities, we are ready to move forward on the path to success and positive impact in our community and beyond.

Join us on this fruitful journey towards knowledge and innovation!